Blood Bank in Southern California


  • Replace old phone system with a more flexible one with greater simplicity of creating new phone numbers and re-purposing existing. Previous system did not allow user/voicemail updates without contacting the carrier directly, users had greetings saved from when the system was first implemented. Allowing users to change voicemails and user information was a big plus.
  • Port 12 Hunt Groups and 33 DIDs from existing carrier and 10 numbers from Verizon cell phones moving into One Talk apps/desk phones
  • Onsite 1 day, 2 person plus client IT phone installation for admin location of 100+ desk phones. Tested phones at all 13 other locations, which had 1-2 phones.
  • 100-200 apps to be used for remote staff and staff that did not require a desk phone.

Benefit to Client:

  • Go between for customer and Verizon Support.
  • Provided general voicemail boxes through own carrier for almost all (26) main hunt groups
  • Provided multiple admin trainings before and after implementation to make sure their IT team was comfortable with system before moving forward
  • Went in depth with customer to customize their call flow and update call trees from their previous system.
  • Constant communication with customers regarding status of implementation and any arising issues.
  • Provided multiple trainings (6 hours) with customers IT staff and individual users in group trainings. We recorded trainings and provided phone resources for the staff to use.


  • Improved internal and external communication
  • Revamped call flow and provided multiple new call groups and an updated AR, so that external users can connect to the right group and leave a general VM if needed.
  • Internal users were able to use the HG extensions to call different groups across the company.
  • Completed successful onsite installation for main administration building.
  • All lines ported successfully on desired date.
  • Primary point of contact extremely happy with the project and expressed the wish that we would be their support for all their systems.
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